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Entry and Removal

At Brouwers, we work with a warehouse management system (WMS). This is a system that provides the location layout in a warehouse and ensures that order and goods flows are streamlined. We use this system to make the entry and removal process easier.


Brouwers offers customized solutions when it comes to recording incoming goods. Brouwers makes sure that measuring, weighing, registering, scanning and recording all information of incoming goods is recorded in the right way.

Thanks to our warehouse management system, we are able to distribute the goods correctly in the warehouse. For example, goods that leave the warehouse relatively often are automatically placed at the front of the warehouse and vice versa. This ensures that we work efficiently and you as a customer benefit from short waiting times.


Within removal, Brouwers works with several systems.

First of all, we work FIFO, which stands for First in First out. Goods that come in first are also transported first.

Furthermore, we also use a BB system. This stands for “best before”. This system alerts us when products are nearing the end of their storage life. With Brouwers, you can rest assured that your products are stored under the right conditions to prevent spoilage.

If you have further questions, you can always contact us. Of course you can also request a free offer.

What others say

Warehousing, logistics and distribution are vital components of our daily activities and we have entrusted this to Brouwers Logistics since 2012. We highly value our partnership with Brouwers for their accuracy, flexibility, speed and most importantly, their sense of responsibility.

- Walter Sun, Seasonic Europe

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