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Fulfilment E-commerce

What is Fulfilment E-commerce?

Fulfilment E-commerce concerns activities such as processing and handling of orders that have arisen from customer contact. For example, webshop orders. These can be handled by Brouwers. In this case, those orders are delivered to our warehouse management system (WMS). We can then collect and package the goods and ship them to the specified addresses. At Brouwers, we are always willing to go that extra mile for our customer. If, for example, our warehouse management software does not fully meet your requirements, we will look for a more suitable solution.

How does Brouwers do this?

At Brouwers, the process begins at the point of entry. We receive the goods you sell at Brouwers’ warehouse. These products are then registered and given a place in our storage center. In our storage center we have room 55,000 thousand pallets. Your products are therefore stored safely and under the most optimal conditions. When an order comes in, we prepare the products for shipment.

Fulfilment e-commerce of course includes possible return shipments. It may happen that a customer is not completely satisfied with a product. The customer can then return the package to our storage center and we will take care of further processing in the way you prefer.

Benefits of Brouwers

So why choose Brouwers and not another provider? At Brouwers we like to provide the total solution. We have listed the most important advantages below:

  • Before you decide to engage with us, we clearly communicate our prices. This way it is clear in advance what the whole package will cost.
  • At Brouwers, we always work quickly and efficiently.
  • We let you focus on your core business.

For further information or a free quote, please feel free to contact us.

What others say

Warehousing, logistics and distribution are vital components of our daily activities and we have entrusted this to Brouwers Logistics since 2012. We highly value our partnership with Brouwers for their accuracy, flexibility, speed and most importantly, their sense of responsibility.

- Walter Sun, Seasonic Europe

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