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Loading / Unloading containers

Want to unload your containers in a timely manner? We have been doing this for several years with great success for our customers.

Structured loading and unloading of containers

Also for loading and unloading containers (20FT/40FT/40HQ), Brouwers is your partner. We are located next to the port of Den Bosch, we provide a fast connection to the Maas river and to the port of Rotterdam.

After transport, the containers are unloaded, palletized and stored in our warehouse. From the warehouse, further storage and transport is arranged to the end point. Brouwers loads and unloads dozens of containers every day. Our employees are also well trained, which enables us to load and unload quickly and efficiently.

  • Benefits of loading and unloading
    Loading and unloading containers at Brouwers has many advantages. We have listed the benefits:

    Containers can be disconnected, preventing waiting hours for drivers.

  • The container terminal is located right behind our location. This allows facilitated communication. We are able to keep you informed at all times.
  • Goods can be palletized directly to the customer’s requirements so that additional work can be avoided at a later stage.
  • We take care of the storage and further transportation for you.
  • We work with specialists who know how to load and unload containers quickly and efficiently.

Loading and unloading at Brouwers

In addition to loading and unloading containers, we also take care of the entire logistics process. Think of transport from A to B, storage and further logistical activities. We take care of your transport throughout Europe.

Would you like to outsource the entire logistics process concerning containers? Then get in touch with us.


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