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At Brouwers we have extensive experience with order picking. Our order pickers ensure that the products are ready for shipment on time. Order picking can take place at various levels: per outer packaging, per inner packaging or per individual item. Depending on the requirements, various information can be registered, including serial number registration (1D/2D barcodes).

What is order picking?

Order picking is a process in which the warehouse employee collects and prepares the items that go out of the warehouse in partial batches. At Brouwers, order picking is linked to warehouse management. We therefore use a WMS system to automate business processes. Within the system, all information about stock and orders is available to those involved and through efficient use of this system we have been able to achieve higher productivity.

Order picking at Brouwers

There are several ways in which an order can be picked.

The most common way is FIFO, which stands for First In First Out.
This way, older goods are prevented from remaining in storage and we will always deliver the pallets that have been in storage the longest.

Do you work with products that have a limited shelf life? Then of course you want to be able to adjust your picking process accordingly. That is why you can set the method of removal for each article yourself: FEFO (BB-controlled), FIFO (entry date controlled) or production date controlled. The WMS also monitors the shelf life and the last shelf life delivered per delivery address.

It’s frustrating to see your package stacked in such a way that the box is dented and the product damaged? At Brouwers we apply crushability picking. The system chooses a picking order based on weight and/or dimensions so that this is given priority when the pallet is assembled. This means: the heaviest boxes at the bottom and the lighter boxes on top of the pallet. In this way, packages are prevented from being damaged or their contents destroyed.

If you have further questions, you can always contact us. Of course you can also request a free offer.

What others say

Warehousing, logistics and distribution are vital components of our daily activities and we have entrusted this to Brouwers Logistics since 2012. We highly value our partnership with Brouwers for their accuracy, flexibility, speed and most importantly, their sense of responsibility.

- Walter Sun, Seasonic Europe

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