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As a logistics partner to our customers, we store all goods efficiently. From our modern warehouses in Den Bosch we have a storage capacity of approximately 55,000 pallets. Our central location in the country, as well as the direct connection to the inland terminal of Den Bosch, ensure a favorable position. From our central location, we work with the latest techniques and we strive to serve you as our customer in the most efficient way.

Value Added Logistics

In Value Added Logistics the nature of your goods is not changed, but remains as you have supplied it to us. However, the goods are, for example, repackaged in a different way or labelled. Brouwers also takes care of sorting and preparing your goods for shipment.

Value Added Logistics at Brouwers

Brouwers uses the latest techniques and innovations in the field of process optimization and data. This ensures a transparent way of working towards our customers. We strive to provide a suitable solution for any organization in the field of transport and logistics. Personal contact is of paramount importance to us and we are happy to take extra steps to achieve an optimal result. Every need is unique and we treat every request in the same way.

Do you have a specific need in the area of storage, transport and/or logistics activities? With our generations of experience, we would love to get to know you!

What others say

Warehousing, logistics and distribution are vital components of our daily activities and we have entrusted this to Brouwers Logistics since 2012. We highly value our partnership with Brouwers for their accuracy, flexibility, speed and most importantly, their sense of responsibility.

- Walter Sun, Seasonic Europe

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