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Courier services

Sending your package by parcel service can be quick and easy. However, there is always a chance that your package is lost or arrives damaged. That is why we at Brouwers offer exclusive courier services.

What are courier services?

At Brouwers, we work with courier services. Our employees are experienced in transporting packages under time pressure. When you work with regular parcel carriers or with the postal service, other delivery times apply. At Brouwers we strive for our drivers to be on the road for you within half an hour.

Why Brouwers?

So why should you choose Brouwers? At Brouwers we like to go the extra mile for the customer. We prefer to support you during the entire process. In addition, our drivers are fast and reliable.

At Brouwers, we have couriers who:

  • Are able to depart and deliver at any time throughout Europe.
  • Quickly deliver and pick up a shipment.

Do you have any questions about our exclusive courier service? Then please contact us.

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What others say

Warehousing, logistics and distribution are vital components of our daily activities and we have entrusted this to Brouwers Logistics since 2012. We highly value our partnership with Brouwers for their accuracy, flexibility, speed and most importantly, their sense of responsibility.

- Walter Sun, Seasonic Europe

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